From study to realization
Professionals at your service


From the manufacture to the installation of your layout, bbg technicians, carpenters and installers do everything they can to achieve a perfect job down to the smallest detail.
Once the project phase is completed, our technicians are carrying out the study,
complete technical plans and monitor the site in order to coordinate the execution of the installation in collaboration with all the trades such as sanitary, electrician, mason, painter, etc.


The study of your project is an important step. The choice of layout, materials and colors, the interior design of the furniture, so many details that will make your space a unique place.
Our designers will advise you and accompany you throughout your project and will allow you, using computer tools, to visualize in 3D and imagine the final result.

Create a unique place, a space that looks like you, highlight the space and reveal the character of your living space.

In search of beauty, respecting your philosophy of life and your environment.